Balcony Lifts

When moving into a new home you often forget that some furniture that may have easily passed through your old doorway may not pass through the new. Here at Uplift Removals, we want your new house to feel like home which is why we specialise in moving heavy furniture using balcony hoists.

Having conducted countless balcony lifts in our many years of experience, we can confidently say that our dedicated staff are proficient in balcony furniture removal. Our team is skilled in assessing the weight of the item together with the incline of the balcony and applying the safest and most secure method of furniture hoisting. With an extensive level of understanding in complex binding systems and weight distribution, we can guarantee a quick and efficient balcony hoist for your next move!

For every balcony lift we undertake, we implement a strict process to ensure that no damage is done while moving heavy furniture. This process involves a step-by-step operation involving complex knots and balcony hoists to ensure safe balcony furniture removal.

Balcony Hoist Process

For your average sofa hoist we’ll begin by measuring the dimensions of the item to ensure it can fit through the balcony door. We hate to think the amount of times people have hauled furniture using a balcony hoist only to find that it won’t fit through the door. So, Step 1: Check if it fits!

Step 2: If it fits, prep for lift!
At this point we’ll have determined that a balcony lift is the best way to go and will proceed to prepare for a furniture hoist. The item will be covered in protective blankets and, when necessary, wrapped with industrial grade bubble wrap to keep the blankets and padding in place during the balcony hoist.

Once the item has been properly wrapped, we will then strap it down with using binding system that utilises specific knots appropriate for your furniture hoist. This binding system will have been determined by professionals who have taken into consideration the weight and bearing of the furniture as well as the incline necessary for a successful balcony lift.

Step 3: Ready? Heave!
Once everything has been prepped and ready for the balcony lift we will then proceed by hoisting the furniture. While the binding system works to significantly reduce the bearing of the weight, it is still necessary for the operators to utilise their strength to complete the task. These balcony hoists can be complex and dangerous which is why we recommend you leave all of the lifting to us and rest assured that your belongings are in strong capable hands.

Next time you’re wondering if your sofa will fit through your doorway, call the furniture hoisting experts and ensure a safe and secure balcony furniture removal with Uplift Removals! Speak to a professional today!

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