Interstate Removals

Interstate moving can be stressful enough. But aside from the obvious tensions that come with any relocation, there’s the added pressure of moving to an entirely new and different State. You’ll need to familiarise yourself with the roads and the people and completely readjust your life. As interstate removalists, unfortunately, we can’t help you with that. We can however help to make your move as smooth as possible by offering a checklist of things to remember for your interstate moving adventure.

How to Move Interstate Without Losing Your Mind or Your Money

Organise Your Utilities


There’s nothing worse than having to use a bathroom that you can’t flush in a home without electricity. Don’t get caught in the dark and remember to contact your utility companies to disconnect your current utilities on the day of your interstate move and have your new address bright with electricity by the time you move in.

Be Ready to Pack

It may seem premature to start thinking about packing a month in advance, but interstate moving requires some serious planning, and packing can quickly be forgotten in the mix. It’s important to know what to pack first, what to pack last and what to throw out.

As the interstate removalists Sydney siders love, we’ve learnt how to stand out amongst a crowd of fellow removalists and, one of the many reasons why, is because we provide an all-inclusive packing service. Our interstate movers are dedicated to organising, packing and unpacking your effects efficiently and with care to ensure they are safely transported from your old house to your new home.

Visit our Packing Services page to learn more about the many services we provide!

Maybe you’re a little particular about your stuff? That’s cool. We get it. If you’re a DIY wizard who prefers to do their own packing we also provide all the delightful interstate moving supplies without the commitment. Visit our Packing Supplies page to view the range of products we stock.

Keep Track of Your Documents


If you ask every interstate removalist in Sydney, there wouldn’t be a single one who hasn’t, at some point, gotten a call from a client frantically looking for a lost item. The stressful nature of interstate moving makes for a clouded mind and things often end up in places they shouldn’t be. However there are some things you can’t afford to misplace, even temporarily, like your passport for example. Passports, birth certificates and special licences should be packed separately in a safe and secure location where they won’t get lost in a pool of other boxes.

Other items such as remote controls, phone chargers, even the kettle will need to be packed aside for easy access, after all, how productive can you be without your coffee? We recommend utilising our Priority Box which helps keep safe the items you need on-hand without getting lost amongst the pile.

Raid Your Refrigerator

If you’re like most people and are having your interstate movers transport your white goods along with the furniture then you’ll need to remember to prepare them for transit. Fridges and freezers need to be emptied of their contents and defrosted prior to the arrival of the interstate removalists. That means – get rid of leftovers a few days prior and eat a lot of take out.

Remember to adjust your grocery shopping habits to cater for your move. Fresh fruit and vegetables should not be replenished and all perishables should be consumed one week prior to the big day. This gives you every excuse to have a week long pizza party without the carb-guilt! You’re welcome.

Fuel Up And Carpool Karaoke!


Today’s the day! Your interstate removalists will be at your door in a minute and things are about to kick off. All you need to do is check your car’s fuel gauge, strap the kids in and pump your road-trip tunes as loud they go. You can leave the hauling, loading and transporting to us! As the interstate removalists Sydney trusts, you can rest easy knowing your belongings will meet you there!

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