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Moving can be stressful and if you’re not adequately prepared it can quickly turn into a total nightmare. As the removalists sydney north shore trusts, we’re confident that we know a little about the locals and a lot about moving which is why we’ve decided to treat our clients to a helpful guide to a smooth move.

North Shore Removalists’ Best Kept Secrets: Tips & Tricks For Your Upcoming Relocation

As professional North Shore movers, we’ve seen a lot. From shattered glass to shredded fabric and nothing can ever prepare you for the sight of such a massacre. Here at Uplift Removals, we leave no van behind. Your effects are of the utmost importance, and we work tirelessly to ensure they are delivered safely and intact. However, in order to aid your North Shore removalists in this pledge, we suggest you take advantage of some of the following tips.

Empty Your Drawers
Your North Sydney removalists have got your back, but we ask that you consider ours in return. You’d be surprised how many houses we’ve visited with a chest of drawers packed to the brim and somehow ready for loading. Big no-no. Uplift’s North Shore movers are professionals, but it’s important to remember that when hauling and loading furniture, contents are inevitably going to move around and can easily be damaged in the process. Fridges, drawers and wardrobes must all be emptied of their contents and prepped for loading prior to moving day.

We can help take the stress out of packing with our team of professional North Shore movers and packing specialists. Check out our Packing Services page to read about how you can reduce your load with us!

Make a List, Check it Twice
When relocating, lists are your best friends. Make a list for everything. Start with a list of Northern Beaches removalists, find us at the top and make the call. Then make two separate lists one of the tasks that you’ll need to undertake and one for your North Shore removalists. This helps to get you organised well before moving day in order to minimise your chances of nasty surprises. While it might seem time consuming, these lists help to guide you through what needs to be done and the order in which they ought to be completed. Your antique china for example, can be prepped and packed well in advance, while your fridge is likely to be the last.

If It Ain’t Worth Packing, It Ain’t Worth Keeping
Many Upper North Shore removalists charge by the hour, and with an endless pile of belongings, you can rack up a hefty bill. While there’s a little hoarder in us all keeping items aside for absolutely no reason, there’s also an instinctive need to save. Here at Uplift Removals we recommend you seize the opportunity and trim a little fat. Items that have little to no value to you should be packed neatly in a box and sent to the Salvos well before the big day.

As the removalists Sydney North Shore prefers, however, we offer an alternative. For items you simply cannot part with, we provide a helpful storage option. Visit our Storage page to learn more.

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