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So you’re looking to relocate your office but you’re worried about the time, money and manpower you’re going to need. You can’t afford to have your staff pack up their desks during trading hours but you can’t afford to pay them over-time either. What if you could pay professional office movers to organise the whole process from pack to unpack without disrupting your daily proceedings?

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There’s some truth to the much loved saying, ‘time is money’. Your time is precious and shouldn’t be spent organising elaborate office relocations. Between the conference tables, photocopiers and countless desk chairs, an office relocation can quickly become a total nightmare. Luckily for you, we work tirelessly to plan and execute a flawless business relocation so you and your staff can proceed as normal. No need to disrupt daily proceedings with the chaotic tasks of moving office and no need to pay your staff to stay back.

Inexperienced office movers have proven to damage furniture and equipment on a number of occasions. This is because of a common misconception that ‘anyone can transport furniture’. Without the correct methods of hauling, amateur business relocation services can result in fractured furniture, torn fabrics and tough stains. You can save on unnecessary costs by hiring Uplift’s trained professionals who can ensure the safe and secure transport of your commercial effects, without the added risk.

In order to provide the office removals Sydney prefers, we work to the highest standard of customer service and uphold the strictest work ethic with every job. Our staff are trained and qualified in all office relocation services, and bring a friendly smile and can-do attitude to every location. When moving office, we ensure that your assets aren’t just safely transported, but also laid out and assembled, ready for use.

During the business relocation process, it is often necessary for furniture to be disassembled and reassembled upon arrival, and some of which can be quite complicated. As qualified office movers, our staff are proficient in deconstructing and assembling furniture of all makes and models, styles and purposes and can safely and securely transport your office space to its new location. Workstation Installations in particular can be quite tricky in that they involve extensive setups and connections, however you can read more about these business relocation services on our Workstation Installation page.

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Of course not every office removal in Sydney needs relocating. Moving office can sometimes mean a big promotion or an exciting renovation. In either instance, you’ll need to store your furniture somewhere which is safe, secure and out of the way. Fortunately, our office relocation services extend far enough to cater for long and short term storage for all your needs when moving office effects.

Visit our Storage page to find out more about the various storage options we provide!

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