Workstation Desk Installation

When relocating your office space, the chore of disassembling and reassembling workstation desks can quickly become a daunting tasks. What with all the connections and cables, screws, hinges and fittings, who’s to say what goes where? Well, we do.

Here at Uplift Removals our staff have been trained to proficiency in all office fitouts and workstation desk assembly in order to provide a complete office removal service. Our technicians work tirelessly to plan your office furniture placement by mapping out structures and applying the most efficient methods of fabrication.

Workstation Installation

We know what you’re thinking, putting together a workstation desk? How hard could it be, I’ve put my Ikea furniture together countless times! But with over 150 makes, models and combinations, we argue that office desk installations are not the DIY job they might appear to be. Office fitouts require a breadth of knowledge in the correct methods of configuration to not only ensure a safe and secure working environment but to also maximise your space efficiency. With the correct office furniture placement, our professionals can help to create a functioning work area that utilises the full potential of the office spread without cramping your staff’s space or style.

Here at Uplift Removals we’re confident that we offer the best office furniture installation services because we work with you and your space. We understand that the productivity of your staff is dependent on their comfort and nothing determines comfort quite like an office fitout with balanced feng shui.

Workstation Desk Reconfiguration

Of course not all office furniture installation services follow a big move. Companies often require reconfigurations to make room for a growing team or a shift in management’s structure. In both instances, it’s important to have an office space that optimises the flow of work that your staff produces. You may not need to purchase new furniture, but simply need to rearrange workstation desks and make way for an additional office fitout. We provide a swift and efficient reconfiguration service to ensure your office desk installations are completed without disrupting your daily proceedings.

What’s more is, we provide a complete relocation service from disassembling workstation desks and packing office supplies to unpacking boxes and installing furniture. You can read more when you visit our Packing Services page.

For your next office fitout, call the moving specialists and speak to a professional today or take advantage of our obligation-free quotes!

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