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One of the most tedious tasks in the moving process is packing. Gathering your belongings and arranging them together in countless boxes and endless rolls of tape can quickly take the fun out any relocation. With Uplift Removals’ packing and unpacking services however, all you need to worry about is where to put the cat.

While there are a few other packing services Sydney has to offer, none can treat you quite like this. Our staff will visit your home armed with packing supplies and a wealth of knowledge on the best and most secure way to pack your belongings safely for transit. These house packing services include everything from cushioning your glassware to arranging your clothing, all with the highest standard security assurance.

Sydney Packers and Movers

As removalists we have a breadth of understanding when it comes to transporting your personal effects. From your tiniest little trinket box to your wide-framed king bed, we know what needs to be done to ensure they arrive at your new home, clean and intact. Which means who better to manage your house packing services than the guys who will be transporting your belongings? The unfortunate reality is, no matter how careful your movers are, your belongings are only as safe as you pack them. From shattered crystal to shredded curtains, we’ve seen it all! So don’t compromise the safe transport of your precious items and hire the most experienced packers and movers Sydney has to offer.

But that’s not the only reason we provide the packing services Sydney prefers! We also offer specialist house packing services in preparation for storage. Our dedicated team of professionals will ensure that the packing and moving services we provide don’t just meet, but exceed your expectations!

You can find out more about our storage options for your house packing services by visiting our Storage page.

Packing and Unpacking Services

The packing services Sydney offers often stop at that. Pack, haul, unload and on their merry way, but where does that leave you? With an endless pile of moving boxes, that’s where. Here at Uplift Removals we know how to show you a good time. We’ll razzle, dazzle and unravel all the packing supplies used and have you move-in ready as part of our packing and moving service! We offer an all inclusive packing and unpacking service because we believe that moving houses shouldn’t feel like a chore.


Enjoy the excitement of your new home and leave the sticky tape terrors to the professionals!

With the limited packing services Sydney has to offer, Uplift Removals is the obvious choice for your packing and unpacking service needs and with a safe transport guarantee, our team of dedicated professionals can cater for a smooth move.

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