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With the early talents of Beethoven and the contemporary tunes of Elton John, there’s no denying the value of the piano as one of music’s most valuable instruments. Your piano, however, is especially valuable to you. Here at Uplift Removals we understand that pianos are beautiful in their stature and produce a unique and harmonious sound, but we’re also very familiar with their weight and fragility. When relocating your home, it’s important to hire the piano removals Sydney trusts.

We are the piano movers Sydney chooses

As professional piano movers, we are well versed in the safe and secure relocation of your grand instruments so you can rest easy knowing you’re in strong and capable hands. Our team of piano movers are experts in navigating tight corners, staircases and multi-storey buildings while handling fragile items and can therefore ensure the safest and most secure transportation.

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How to Safely Move a Piano

As the piano movers Sydney prefers, we are often faced with this question and the answer is simple – you don’t. Improper care and handling can, not only damage your piano, but your property also. Whether it’s the house you’re moving out of or the home you’re moving into, you want to ensure that no damage is done during the relocation process and the weight of a piano can easily damage floorboards and tiles if handled incorrectly. Here at Uplift Removals we offer an elite white glove service to ensure your piano is handled with the utmost care and respect by trained and qualified piano movers.

Here’s how we do it:

Step 1
We will begin by examining your piano to assess its structure and make note of any fractures or points of weakness to be wary of. This is to ensure that the piano movers are made aware of the vulnerable features of the instrument during transportation.

Step 2
With a now wide understanding of your piano’s structural integrity, our piano movers will then proceed to load it onto a specialised piano dolly in order to minimise pressure points when handling. The piano is then covered with our industrial felt removalists pads which protect it during transit. This also allows for a smooth transportation that reduces the risk of damage to both your piano and your property.

Step 3
It is at this point that hiring experienced piano movers pays off the most because it is in transport that the most damage can occur. As elite Sydney piano movers, however, we ensure your piano is hauled onto the truck carefully and then strapped securely during transit to guarantee it arrives intact and damage-free!

Step 4
When unloading the truck, the piano movers are trained to be just as careful in their handling and will find the most effective and most secure way to position the instrument, exactly where you need it. It is for this reason that our’s are the piano removals Sydney trusts.

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