Pool Table Removals

So you’re a bit of a billiard buff? And you’ve got your own table I see. Congratulations! Your wife must be thrilled, and naturally she’s jumped at the opportunity to get rid of it. You’re moving houses and she’s arguing that there’s no way you could transport it to the new property. You’re worried she might be right. It’s so heavy and takes up so much space. Not to worry, man, we’ve got your back. As advocates of all sports enthusiasts, we’ve ensured that one of our many services includes pool table removals.

Here at Uplift Removals, we understand the importance of a good hobby, which is why we’ve chosen to specialise in pool table removals. While different, pool, billiard and snooker tables all have one very important thing in common – they’re very heavy and very delicate. Which is why it’s important to hire a mover that specialises in billiard table removals, to ensure it is packed safely and securely for transit.

Pool Table Removalists Secure Your Balls

Part of ensuring safe and secure pool table removal is knowing what you’re dealing with. So we’ve polished up on our pool table trivia. Did you know that a full sized billiard table can weigh anywhere between 300-400kgs? To put things into perspective, that’s equivalent to about 5 of your mates stacked together. Although that’d be weird.

That sort of weight really puts the ‘lift’ in Uplift Removals and here at Uplift, our snooker table removal means we lift big and lift heavy!

More importantly however, we also lift smart. Pool table removal requires a skillful finesse to cater for the many fragile bits and pieces of such a grand structure. During pool or billiard table removal, we are especially careful with the ‘bed’ which comprises of a delicate blend of nylon and wool known as baize. This makes up the fury fabric that coats the table’s base. During the pool table’s removal, our dedicated professionals will arrange to have it covered and clear of any hazardous objects during transit.

The most fragile part of a snooker table however, is the wooden structure on which it stands. The slightest fracture to its frame can completely compromise its integrity and make for a rather imbalanced game. Our snooker table removals involve an extensive hoisting technique which guarantees the weight of the table is evenly distributed during transport.

Billiard Table Removal & Storage

As such a large and heavy item, your pool table can become quite inconvenient during the moving process. It takes up a lot of space and makes for quite the obstacle when lugging heavy items across the room. Keep the table safe and the room clear by utilising our billiard table removal and storage service. Your new home might not yet be ready for your pool table, and your wife might never be ready, but that shouldn’t mean pawning it off. You can utilise our storage services and keep your hobby alive! Visit our Storage page to learn more.

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