Residential Removals

Moving houses can be a daunting process, especially if you don’t have a removalist that you can trust. As people who are handling your effects, you want to ensure that they are honest, reliable and well equipped to transport your belongings carefully.

Of the many Sydney removalists, we believe that we stand out because we offer something special – understanding. Sure you’ve heard it all before, but unlike many of our competitors, we understand that your belongings are worth more than just the money you spent on them. Each item has been carefully picked and chosen to serve a purpose in your home and can’t always be replaced. Your new ottoman, your mother’s antique vase or even your 50 inch plasma TV, each piece is treated with the same level of caution and care during the relocation process to ensure they arrive at your new home secure and intact.

The Removalists Sydney Deserves

The cheap removalists Sydney siders commonly hire might offer an ‘unbeatably low price’, but that often comes at a cost. Items are lost or damaged in transit and inexperience makes for a lengthy and stressful process. Here at Uplift Removals we like to keep it simple. No extravagant promises or goofy gimmicks, just honest work at a fair price. We’re confident in our staff’s relocation abilities and their experience in packing, loading and transporting your belongings with care.

The best removalists in Sydney would offer a variety of services from packing your belongings into boxes prior to moving day, to hauling furniture to your new home, and all with a delicate touch and a diligent attitude. They might even offer a variety of supplies should you prefer to do it yourself and a storage facility for the items you’re not quite ready for. That’s what the best removalists in Sydney would offer… and we do all of that. Just saying.


Furniture Removalists Sydney

Your furniture is amongst the most important of your belongings and, as commonly large and heavy items, it’s always hard to arrange a safe and secure transport. As experienced Sydney furniture removalists we know a little bit about handling and hauling heavy items and can ensure your furniture removal goes down without a hitch.

Our years of experience have afforded us a wealth of relocation jobs, and of these jobs many have had restricted access in and out of the property. Narrow hallways and doors can become a difficult tasks for your average removalist, but luckily for you, our staff are well versed in handling, dismantling and hoisting heavy furniture. With every item of your belongings we aim to use the safest and most effective method of transport and, in many cases, furniture and white goods, such as fridges or dining tables, can simply be dismantled to fit through the doorway and reassembled once inside. Here at Uplift we believe that furniture removal is our responsibility, and the size of your doorway is hardly your fault, which is why we offer these services at no extra cost. We’ll happily assemble, install and connect furniture and appliances without adding a dollar to your bill. Whether it’s reassembling the kids’ bunkbeds or connecting the washing machine, we work to make your new house feel like home.

Part of the furniture removal process is delivery, and unlike many of the other removalists Sydney has to offer, we won’t just dump your couch in the middle of the kitchen and call it a day. Our removalists work closely with clients to transport and arrange furniture exactly where it needs to go, and what’s more is, in our years of experience we’ve developed a keen eye for interior design! Take advantage of these services at no extra cost when you hire Uplift Removals for your next relocation.

For the removalists Sydney siders love, call Uplift Removals and speak to a professional today!

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