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We’ve all got items cluttering our house that we simply cannot part with. Let’s face it, there’s a hoarder in us all. Beit a tiny little trinket box or a grand piano, some items manage to find a way into our hearts making their sentimental value worth more than the space they occupy. Here at Uplift Removals, we believe that style and comfort shouldn’t come at the cost of sentiment, which is why we provide the widest range of Sydney storage options. Storage facilities cater for both the long term storage Sydney siders commit to, as well as the occasional short term storage requirement.

Home Storage Needs

Perhaps you’ve decided to downsize your home. The kids have all moved out and you simply don’t need so much space for just the two of you. That being said, you’ve also shared many precious memories with your family belongings and can’t bring yourself to throw them out. Well, with all the storage space we offer, you won’t have to! We provide the storage space Sydney needs at the prices Sydney deserves.

However, you may only need a short term option to store your personal effects during the move-in process. Interim storage spaces are popularly sought out to house belongings while settling properties.

If it’s worth storing, it’s worth saving

Commercial Storage Needs

You’re a business owner and work has been going well so you treat yourself and your staff to an exciting renovation – painted walls, frosted glass and fancy fixtures, you’re getting the works! But where do you put all the furniture? You’d be surprised how many people make that mistake. Don’t be a statistic and organise affordable and cheap storage space for your upcoming renovation with Uplift Removals. Our friendly staff will arrange to have your furniture safely packed into storage so you can rest easy knowing your commercial effects are secure.

Alternatively you could be a business owner who has no interest in renovation but is simply looking for storage space to house stock and supplies. If this sounds like you, then Uplift Removals can help! We utilise spacious facilities for cheap storage in Sydney and work tirelessly to ensure your merchandise is kept safe and secure for the duration of your term.

For the best removals and storage in Sydney you cannot beat Uplift Removals! We provide elite customer service and removalist facilities at cheap and affordable prices. Take advantage of our 100% obligation free quotes today and call to speak to a professional!

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